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Shooting Targets

Confidence Through Training

specializes in training for the new

Enhanced Mississippi Gun Permit.

Thank you so very much Oscar.
When I decided to get over my fear of guns I wanted to be trained by someone who came highly recommended and that my friend was you. You made learning fun yet serious. Thank you. I know that I'm a long way from a good shot but I promise to practice often using the safety tech that you taught me.
I am trying to talk my daughter and daughter in law into taking your class but they need to overcome their fear of guns also.
BTY I came home and my husband taught me how to clean my gun.
Thanks again my friend,
Me and my gang. Lol.


Thank you so much for your recent training session held at Sportsman's Warehouse. The session was excellent! My wife and I enjoyed it! Additionally, it was very generous of you to return $50 to me after the class (since I unknowingly had the endorsement on my permit). To return the favor, I'd like to include a complimentary ad for Confidence Through Training in the first print edition of Spirit & Family Magazine.

Spirit & Family is a Christian magazine I created to both reach the lost and encourage God's people to stay the course. I plan on printing around 400 copies this month to be distributed throughout doctors' offices and other small businesses in Southaven, Hernando, Olive Branch, Oxford, and Grenada. Hopefully, I can point many others towards your class.

If you are ok with it, I can use the information from your card to create a print ad for your class. Additionally, I can send you a copy of the magazine once it's printed. Personally, I do feel it's important that as many people as possible get this endorsement especially with the way the media makes guns out to be evil.

If you are ok with it, please reply to this email and let me know.

By the way, I applied your technique of letting the trigger surprise me to my rifle shooting and I was shocked at what a difference it made at 100 yards!

Thanks again for the class and your generosity.

Be Blessed!

Clemon D. Beamon
Spirit & Family Magazine

I received the picture. Thank you for sending it. I truly enjoyed the class. I will have to say, I was nervous about the class. Once the class started, and we started going over different things and were able to practice/demonstrate with the fake pistols, I became more comfortable. The range was the breaking point of the nervousness. Being able to apply what we learned in class and actually use that knowledge at the range gave me the confidence that I needed. I now know what to expect, and I am more comfortable with shooting a pistol. I am looking forward to going back to the range.

You and your family were so nice during the training. You did a great job as an instructor, and I wish you and your business nothing but success in the future.

Thanks again!!


oscar 34.JPG

Thank you very much Oscar. I got WAY more than what I signed up for. I learned so much Saturday. Most importantly, I feel better prepared and more confident, just in case. Thank you again.

Shaterra Marion


Thank you for the picture. I thoroughly enjoyed your class and your method of instructing. I learned a lot and enjoyed it immensely. You made me feel so much more relaxed about handling a firearm, and after my poor little sore hand feels better I’ll head back to the range on a consistent basis and work to improve my accuracy. I will absolutely recommend you to anyone seeking firearm training.

Thanks for all you do,
Glenda Keough


Thanks for teaching me so much valuable information! I really enjoyed your class so much! It was very informative and fun! I will definitely let everyone know that if they need to take the class, they must take your class! I am proud of myself and feel a sense of confidence about firearms and in myself! That was the best Saturday school I have ever had the blessing of attending! Thank you so much and thanks for the picture! I hope you have a wonderful day!

Let me say thank you for your time in the handgun training. I have been around and handled firearms for years and was a bit of the mindset that the class would be boring and stiff. I was wrong in my assumption, the class was very instructive, informative and brought to light things not previously considered or understood. Your personality helped the class to be more relaxed and conducive for learning, yet still had the structure necessary. I would highly recommend your class for anyone interested and will promote it to those around me who are interested. Thanks for the picture.


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