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Shooting Targets

Confidence Through Training

specializes in training for the new

Enhanced Mississippi Gun Permit.

I  enjoyed the class. I think you did a great job. I served in the Air Force for several years in explosives. We were required to have handgun and rifle training several times. I was glad that you teach the concept of "surprise" on the shot. I teach my sons that the surprise is the most important part of precision shooting. I will definitely recommend you to everyone that I run across that is interested in training.

Kevin Baker

We really enjoyed the class. You are an excellent teacher. Thanks again.

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Hi Oscar,

Cecil and I were just talking yesterday about when we would be able to coordinate our schedules to get to Hernando to buy our firearms. Now that I know how, I want to know how to well. We were both very impressed and are appreciative of your concern and care of us through the course. We will certainly recommend you to others.


Thank you so much for taking the fear out of shooting. I will highly recommend you to everyone. You are awesome.
Thank you


Hi Oscar,
Just wanted to say thank you and to point out that I did learn several things, two of which are the “grip” and “sight alignment”.
Many thanks and you fixed my Grip!
Danny Gullick
Infrastructure Architect
Helena Chemical Company

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Thank you for all your help. Your class was very educational and I am grateful for the techniques you taught me. I received your voicemail about the permit. Mondays and Tuesdays only. Thanks!

Really enjoyed your class. It was great to make your acquaintance. I'm already telling others. Hope to steer a few your way. BTW, I rode down to Batesville today. I have a nice, new, shiny 'IC' on the back of my permit! Thank!

Steve Ritter

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Thank you for making it so easy! I really learned a lot & you made me want to learn. I just wish my weapon was working properly. I know what the problem is & it is covered under warranty. I have already referred 2 people to take the course! My thanks go to you!

Angie Bayless

Thank you very much for the excellent class. Even the most veteran shooter would find it hard to not learn something in your class. I personally will be using the techniques you taught to make myself a better shooter. I will definitely be recommending you to anyone interested in taking this course.
Thanks again,
Kevin Redding

Thank you again for teaching the MS enhanced carry class yesterday. I enjoyed your instruction style, and I benefitted from the hands on training both in the classroom and on the range. You made the class a lot of fun.
I served as a rifleman in the Marine Corps, so I have had a lot of firearms training. But only about one percent of my formal training has included handguns. I received instruction on the Weaver stance while in the Corps, so learning the isosceles shooting stance has helped my pistol accuracy. Additionally, learning the unsupported two hand "thumbs forward" shooting grip has helped my accuracy too.
Your instruction reinforced these shooting fundamentals that I learned subesquent to my military training. I will be sure to recommend you to every one I know wanting an enhanced concealed carry permit in MS.
Best regards,
Steve Miller


I really appreciated your patience with me in your class this weekend. As well as your willingness to instruct me and sending my info to Sam for the certificate. I learned so much and was amazed that I was able to actually shoot and hit the target! I will certainly recommend your class to all of my MS friends.
Thanks again,

We had a wonderful class with you and definitely learned a lot.  We enjoy shooting and try to keep in practice.  Thank you for your compliments.  We don't believe you can ever shoot too much.  We really appreciate your expertise and taking time in helping us become better and safer shooters.  We will definitely be sharing our experience with our friends and family.  Thank you again!!

God Bless,
Sarah Hodge

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