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Confidence Through Training

specializes in training for the new

Enhanced Mississippi Gun Permit.

THANK YOU Oscar! Great instruction on the important fundamentals and Ilearned alot from you! You are a great instructor who's passion for the topic makes it engaging and fun.


Take care oit there!
Chad Higdon

I will be going to my old National Guard Unit and I will let them all know about your training, It was a very good learning experience, I spent 37 years in the military and the way you showed how to hold the gun and stand while shooting was a AA plus.

Thank you
Hubert Raulston

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Both my friends and I greatly enjoyed your class today. The relaxed atmosphere along with your solid, experienced instruction and attention to individual skill level not only aided we experienced shooters who were comfortable with handguns but also visually aided those with less experience. I personally feel more confident in my shooting abilities due to the information learned in the class.

You have a real knack for teaching and I am grateful for the service you are rendering to Mississippi shooters.

Steven Worley



Oscar, the class was great! I have referred several of my friends. I have had numerous classes (both military and civilian) and I can honestly say yours was one of the best.


In you, I met a man committed to helping his fellow men, women and a child yesterday to protect themselves and those around them by any means necessary, with deadly force being the last option. Thank you for your continued commitment to God and country!

Dean Franklin

Mr. Irvin,
My wife and I had a blast at your enhance training class last Saturday at Sportsman Warehouse. You made the class very entertaining with your humor and demeanor. I wanted to thank you for your time and service. It was certainly a pleasure and worth every penny.
I also wondered if you taught any other advanced defensive shooting courses. If you don't, do you recommend an instructor or location which does so.

Thanks again,
Chris Reifers

You did a fantastic job with the class. Your class was interesting and fun, but at the same time very serious and extremely informative. I have hunted all my life with long guns and have always considered myself to be safe and knowledgeable about guns. However, after taking your class, I know have a much better understanding and respect for safety and all guns.

All in all, this was the best class that I have ever taken.

Thank you sir!

Jeff Hawkes
Affiliate Broker
Crye-Leike, Realtors


I want to thank you for your kindness and special help you gave to me yesterday. I appreciate that all of you encouraged me that I could do it when I didn’t think it possible that I could. When I got in there and heard all the gun shots and how fast everything was moving, I was certain that I couldn’t do it. I was so afraid I would slow the class down and I didn’t want that. I had never put bullets in a magazine before and with the arthritis in my hand I was certain I wouldn’t be able to do it fast enough to keep up and that would not be fair to the rest of the class. Plus, I had never fired a gun or even had one in my hands till yesterday, so I was getting nervous about the whole thing.
When I went into the lobby I was a little tearful that I had let myself down. Scott, at the desk, was very helpful in trying to console and encourage me. He was so kind to suggest the lighter gun. When I came back out I wanted to pay him for letting me use it, but he wouldn’t hear to it.
Not only was I fortunate enough to be in your class, but also for all the truly nice people I met yesterday. I want to tell you that your momma raised a fine son. I know she must be proud of the man that you have become.
Thank you again for all you did for me. I plan on going back to practice shooting and using my own gun.

Sue Johnson

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Thanks so much for the class this Saturday. It was amazing! You truly are an exceptional instructor. I had never held a gun before Saturdayand feel really safe around guns now that I've had your class. My husband and father-in-law will be taking a class next month or the following. I will be purchasing 2 gift certificates. I have also referred 6 other friends who will be registering for the 2nd October course. I appreciate everything you taught me. I had an awesome experience. Thanks again!

Brea Simmons

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